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When is Election Day in 2018? Election Day in 2018 is on Tuesday, the 6th of November ( 6/11/2018 ). In the United States, Election Day for federal offices occurs on the Tuesday following the first Monday of …
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 12:01am EST A Great and Terrible Night. If you’re a Democrat, this was a difficult night to define. A lot of people were hoping for a political earthquake that would heave these Trump-addled Republicans fully into the sea, but that didn’t happen.
07.11.2018 · Live coverage and election results as America votes for key Gubernatorial, Senate and House races around the country. ABC News Livestream brings you the latest coverage on the 2018 Midterm ...
The latest details of Election Day 2018 as Florida voters decided who the new governor and senator would be.
Get real-time 2018 election updates, results and analysis. POLITICOs coverage of the 2018 midterm races for Senate, House, Governors & Key Ballot Measures.
Colorado’s unaffiliated voters who cast ballots were the largest voting block in Tuesday’s midterm election, overtaking both the number of Republicans and Democrats who voted, according to ...
When is Election Day 2018? What time do polls open and close in Michigan? Who are the Michigan 2018 candidates? We answer all that and much more.
Election Day 2018 weather looks wet in East and South, snowy in North. Pollsters tried to learn from 2016 mistakes. Will the 2018 midterms be different? State ballot measures to watch on Election ...