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St. John's Prep is a boys Catholic, Xaverian Brothers sponsored school near Merrimack Valley offering top academics and extensive co-curricular programs.
The Preparatory School accommodates pupils from Grade 3 to Grade 7 and sets a strong foundation ahead of their final school years at the College.
Welcome to a glimpse of St. John's Preparatory and Senior School where the provision of outstanding academic excellence is our indispensable central goal.
St Johns Preparatory School located in Achimota Accra, Ghana. Close ABC Factory.
Saint John's Preparatory School is very diverse. Everyone feels like they belong and that is important. Whether you are a sports fanatic or a theater major you are all one big family. I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in giving their child what is needed to succeed in life. Including preparing them for college.
Saint John’s Prep is an independent college preparatory school guided by Benedictine values. Students in grades six through twelve from diverse backgrounds immerse themselves in a learning environment surrounded by the natural beauty of our pristine woods and lakes shared with Saint John’s