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Audioclip spaltet Internet "Yanny" oder "Laurel" - Was hören Sie? Im Internet sorgt derzeit ein Audioclip für Verwirrung - die einen hören das Wort "Yanny", die anderen "Laurel".
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16.05.2018 · Yanny vs. Laurel audio illusion solved! PHEW FINALLY! Listen to our new PODCAST: https://apple.co/2L7AZzK Or search "SIDENOTE" wherever you get your podcasts.
17.05.2018 · A computer-generated voice has become perhaps the most divisive subject on the internet since the gold/blue dress of 2015. It's one word, but the source of furious disagreement is which one ...
15.05.2018 · Three years ago, the internet melted down over the color of a dress. Now an audio file has friends, family members and office mates questioning one another’s hearing, and their own.
15.05.2018 · The Yanny-Laurel debate has fractured the internet. Some people who listen to the audio file hear one thing; others hear another. But there's a simple explanation for …
Just found out about Yanny or Laurel and if you hear Laurel you murder for fun — 💎 Lena Dunham 💎 (@lenadunham) May 17, 2018 Auch der Bestsellerautor Stephen King beteiligt sich an der Diskussion.
Video ansehen · The internet is torn over an audio clip that is either saying the word 'Laurel' or 'Yanny'
Some people think they hear the word "Laurel" while others are convinced it says "Yanny." It's the most perplexing phenomenon since the great the dress debate of 2015.
You may be wondering if this is gonna be one of those "is the dress blue or gold" things and the answer is, YOU BET IT IS. Please listen to this recording and tell me whether you hear "yanny" or "laurel."