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Reykjavik is still the most affordable and accessible place to see the Northern Lights, but it’s getting more popular. In January 2015, 9,003 Britons visited Iceland, probably because, Lights aside, there’s plenty to fascinate …
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27.01.2011 · Northern Lights and illuminated Teepee in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Why Go: Areas around pristine Lake Superior in Ontario and Northern Canada's tundra back-country are prime viewing spots. Head to the town of Whitehorse within the Yukon Territory to best see the swirling lights.
Want to get the best look at the dancing, dazzling display known as the aurora borealis? Here’s a guide on how to see the Northern Lights.
Scientifically speaking, the best place in Europe for northern lights is Svalbard, which is a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean about half way between continental Europe and …
Iceland is a scarcely populated arctic island, with many wild, unpolluted places to see the Northern lights. Even though the lights of Reykjavik can't hide them, then they may be even brighter outside the city limits.
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Visit these 6 beautiful places in Canada to see the spectacular northern lights.
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Up in the Scottish Highlands with a vast dark sky and little light pollution, Cairngorms National Park -- the largest national park in Britain -- is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights
Find out where the best place is to see the Northern Lights is. We have developed the widest range of Northern Lights holidays in the very best destinations.
But what topped an already surreal experience was the emerald fire, which seemed to hover over those huge peaks, roiling and pulsing in the frozen air.
Experience the unbelievable colours move across the Arctic sky. Find more aurora borealis information, such as the best time to see the northern lights and ...