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Thanks to these office party games, office parties can now be enjoyable events. Office games are like regular games, only toned down for work. This means they’re perfect for bringing your team together and breaking a little ice.
The Statue Game In this game, one person is chosen to be the statue. At a certain point during the planned time, this person turns into a statue, in the middle of whatever they were doing.
If you’re reading this in the office, then shame on you — why aren’t you working? Shouldn’t you be doing something more productive with your boss’s time? You know, fun activities like spreadsheets, photocopying, and email. Well, here we present to you a small collection of games to play in
10.09.2013 · Games have the power to undercut interpersonal inertia, facilitate shared experiences, and incentivize your employees to cross the social boundaries that...
There are several interesting games that you can play at an office party that will not only ensure that everyone has a great time, but will also serve as a team-building activity. These games need not be boring either. They could be loud, fun, and hugely entertaining.
Office games can prove to be great team building activity for your organization. Easy minute to win it office games can be real fun.
How to Play: Step 1: Take a break and let the office party games begin! Create a list of terms that are common to the office and/or a specific dept (your office may already have this info on its internal system so be sure to check there first before creating a list from scratch).
When winter blows in, the holiday happiness begins, and there’s no better way to let the good times roll at the annual office holiday party than with some entertaining party games.
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There are some icebreakers, guessing games, trivia, and some just downright hilarious Christmas party games for adults in the list below. You'll find some great games no matter your party size or average age.
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