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The game ends, when the murderer is found. The fastest detective wins the entire game. Need a few games for your next office Christmas party? Check out these 6 cool games to play with your boss (and this Santa drinking game). Guess Whose Job. Got a work story you’re dying to share? This office party game’s for you.
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For this game, the office chairs are arranged in a circle and each of them is labeled with the name of an animal. A list of gestures associated with each animal can be predefined and discussed with the group or the staff members can be given the freedom to define their own gestures for each animal.
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Classification Game Time Required: 10-15 minutes. The classification game can be a quick icebreaker or a more complex activity. For the purposes of this example, we will treat this activity as a quick icebreaker.
These 12 team-building games help any team learn about each other — how each person ... taking a picture of a building or object around the office, ...
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