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Issei Hyoudou Rias Gremory ... The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening; Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor; The Heroic Oppai Dragon
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Author Ichiei Ishibumi had previously worked on a horror genre series two years before publishing the first light novel for High School DxD. In the volume 1 afterword, he mentions that he changed his writing style, and wanted to develop one in the school-life, love-comedy, battle, and fantasy genre.
Charaktere aus dem Universum von High School DxD.
Now being one of the longer running ecchi harem shows, High School DxD has amassed a significant number of hot, sexy characters, with more still to come if we’re fortunate enough to receive another season.
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Hyudou Issei is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the Anime/Manga Title High School DXD. He holds one of the legendary Sacred Gear Boosted Gear, which serves as host to Ddraig, also known as the Red Dragon Emperor. He is a second year student at the Kuoh Academy, notorious as a pervert and part of the Perverted Trio.
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High School D×D ist eine japanische Light-Novel-Reihe von Ichiei Ishibumi mit den Illustrationen von Miyama-Zero. Sie wurde 2012, 2013 und 2015 auch als Anime-Serie sowie als Manga umgesetzt.