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See all results for sleep pods for sale. Baby Nook Travel Bed and Beach Tent (blue), Provides Shade and Shelter, Baby Sun Tent Includes EXCLUSIVE AIR BABY NAP MAT for Weight Stability and Comfort, and BONUS PICTURE GUIDE for Easy Folding
I suppose the EnergyPod is the Mercedes Benz of corporate napping. For $2,112.00 plus shipping and handling firebox.com will send you a “shippable, stackable, sleeping sanctuary” manufactured by Podtime Sleeping Pods.
This is the pod that helps boost productivity by providing a rejuvenation space for taking 20-minute naps. Shown by NASA studies to improve concentration by 34%, power napping has been widely embraced by the world's most progressive companies as beneficial for well being.
A napping facility should not only be functional, but also aesthetically fit in your workspace. Our design is stylish and timeless. The classic EnergyPod comes in white and grey, but we can customize to any colour, to match your work environment.
Napping on the job…what was once grounds for getting fired is now being actively encouraged in some offices, many of them techie! In fact, companies such as Google and Zappos are installing napping pods so employees can rest and rejuvenate during the workday.
Travel Pillow by Little Cloud Nine - The Best Travel Pillow for Long Distance Flights, Trips & More - Makes Coach Sleep Like First Class (Large)
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