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Since we’re on the topic of capsule sleeping, let’s highlight a few of these cylindrical pods, starting with a shot from Facebook’s Seattle office. A pillow adds comfort to this napping compartment. Business owners: would you put your company’s logo on your employee nap pod?! [from High50
Welcome to Podtime. We make comfortable pods that allow you to work, rest or sleep anywhere, anytime. Our versatile pods can be used for office health and wellbeing, as airport sleep pods
We could all use a nap at work every now and then - some of us more often than others. You might think that there is nothing new to be created in the area of
Stuart Brown is director of customer experience at Teleware plc, and recently installed a sleeping area at work. There were two main reasons why Teleware decided to introduce sleeping pods.
Singaporeans are among the world’s most sleep-deprived with an average of less than 7 hours of sleep a day. Some companies have installed sleeping pods.
10.05.2012 · A company in London is installing special sleeping pods for its staff to avoid travel chaos during the Olympics. Report by Sophie Foster. Like us on Facebook...
Cannondesigns Yazdani Studio Has Created A Tiny Student Prefab Housing Unit That Can Also Be Used Office Sleep Pods Google Office Sleep Pods Office Sleeping Pod Price
When I look at Podtime's new collapsible Sleeping Pod, an extra cozy 3.9' wide x 6.9' long personal retreat and slumbering space for college students, or anyone else on a crusade to find efficient luxury, exactly two words come to mind: Cosmo Kramer.
MetroNaps: Energy at Work It all began back in 2003, because we saw people falling asleep: at work, on the train, in all kinds of places. When we first discussed the idea of napping at work with professionals, what we heard most was that nobody wanted to be caught 'sleeping on the job'.
Google employees certainly get a lot of cool perks. In addition to being able to eat gourmet food for free at their Googleplex headquarters, located in Mountain View, California. It appears some ...