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Welcome to the start of your Northern Lights journey in Tromsø. Find all the best winter experiences of Norway’s Northern Capital right here.
There are no guarantees that you will see the Northern Lights. However, with good planning and familiarising yourself with factors that help determine when ...
Located between fjords, mountain peaks and islands, Tromsø offers one of the highest probabilities of experiencing the northern lights.
Explanation of the symbols The northern lights are present all year around, but we can’t see them unless the evenings and nights are dark. Also, the ...
Experience the Northern Lights. If you want to experience the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky then Tromso is the best place on earth.
Tromso Activities Northern lights tour. With years of experience, we optimize your chances of finding the northern lights on your trip to Tromso.
Eine Nordlicht Tour in Tromsö. Wer in Tromsø ist, der sollte sich die Chance auf eine Nordlichttour nicht entgehen lassen.
NorwayLights gives you an indication of how good the northern lights experience is expected to be
Join us for an epic adventure in search of the northern lights, with up to 14 guests. You will discover that Tromso is one the best cities in the world to ...
All-inclusive Northern Lights adventures with professional photographer and tour guide.